R4 intelligent 4 Slots Li-ion Battery Charger


Charging cut-off voltage:4.20±0.05V/4.35±0.05V/3.60V±0.05V/1.48V±0.05V
Net weight:265g

Input:AC90-260V 50/60HZ 0.4A(Max)24W/DC 12V 2A Output Voltage:4.2V±1%/4.35V±1%/3.6V±1%/1.48V±1% Output Current:Max(1.5A*2/0.8A*4/0.5A*4)


Intelligent charging management technology is safe and reliable, which can test battery capacity,effectively prevents damage of the battery due to reverse connection,short circuit,overcharge,and overcurrent.

The charger can automatically recognize the battery type and display the data when it starts to work.

LCD screen display function:
1. The number indicates the corresponding channel data.
2. The light will turn off after 30 seconds of work.
3. Any button can wake up the light.
4. The channel lights with full power will be on for a long time.

Warm reminder:
1. Before charging the battery, please refer to the manual carefully, and be sure to check whether the charging parameters of the battery match the parameters of the charger, otherwise there may be danger!
2. Please clean the positive and negative contact points in the channel regularly to prevent poor contact.
3. If you choose a DC12V adapter, the output current must be greater than 2A, that is: DC12V2A or more.
4. The charger may generate heat when charging, which is normal.
5. When charging starts to work, it should not be left unattended. If you find any malfunctions, please stop the operation immediately and read the instructions carefully.
6. Please check whether the battery is broken. If the skin is broken, please do not charge the battery and contact the battery supplier to replace it in time to avoid danger!
7. If the battery leaks, swells, the outer skin is damaged, or the skin is broken by heterochromatic fire, it is forbidden to charge it.
8. It is prohibited to charge disposable batteries, such as Zinc-Carbon (carbon-zinc batteries), disposable lithium batteries, CR123A batteries, CR2 batteries, and batteries that do not support charging materials, otherwise it may cause a risk of fire and explosion.
9. Minors must use this product under the supervision of an adult.
10. Ni-MH/Ni-CD charging shows full charge. After removing it, put it in the charger to show charging. This is due to battery characteristics, which is a normal phenomenon.
11. The test data of this product is for reference only, and the actual situation refers to professional instruments.


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