Rechargeable Li-Polymer 500mAh 3.7V Battery


Battery type: Lipo Battery
Capacity: 500mAh
Charging Voltage: 4.2V
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Working Temperature: -10°~50°
Dimensions(L*W*H): About 35 x 30 x 5 mm
Applicable types: Beauty series, mobile digital products
Charging time: 3h
Net weight: 13 (g)

Electrical Toothbrushes, MP4, Mobile Phones, MID, baby monitors, small flying helicopters, backup power, Portable DVD, POS machine, Desk video, E-BIKE, motor, drill, and Digital cameras.

This Li-Polymer 3.7V 500mAh battery is really the latest state-of-the-art technology in rechargeable. It is skinny, lightweight and super thin compared to any rechargeable chemistry. Low weight, small size but huge capacity. The other advantage of Lithium Polymer technology is the very low self-discharge.

* Rechargeable high volume Lithium-ion Battery
* High capability, Lightweight, Low internal resistance
* Excellent safety performance, Excellent discharge performance
* Long cycle time;Can be used in MP3 MP4 GPS PSP PAD and a variety of electronic readers


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