Li-Polymer 103035 3.7V 1000mAh Battery


The 103035 is a 3.7V 1000mAh 3C high rate Lithium-ion polymer battery that can quickly be integrated into a wide range of electronic devices. Battery no PCB, 2 wires out directly. Common use in robots, toys, lighter…

Product Type High rate lipo battery
Model number 103035-3C
Voltage (Nominal) 3.7V
Capacity (Nominal) 1000mAh
Dimensions Cell 10.0±0.2*30±0.5*35±0.5mm
Constant Discharge Current 0.2C(Standard), 3C(Max )
Working Temperature charge: 0-45℃; discharge: -20-60℃

Product description

Li-ion polymer battery has many own advantages, like variable size, lightweight, high safety, high energy density, no memory effect, and so on.

Size, voltage, capacity, rated power, temperature……can be customized; PCB, wires, connector,…can be assembled. Contact us now!

Product features

Lithium polymer battery has high energy density.
Long cycle life of charge&discharge.
Enhanced safety parameters with Japan SEIKO PCB &MOS protectors.
Support OEM&ODM service for customize size.
Can be assembled with pointed connectors(JST, Molex, HRS, and so on).


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