Li-Polymer 30100100 3.7V 4000mAh Battery


Product model: 30100100
Nominal capacity: 4000 mah
Product size: 3.0 MM thick 100 MM long and 100 MM wide
Rated voltage: 3.7 V
Charging voltage: 4.2 V
Charging temperature: 0 C ~ 45 C
The discharge temperature: – 20 C ~ + 60 C
Storage temperature: – 20 C ~ + 35 C
Charging current, charging standard: 0.5 C, quick charge: 1.0 C
Standard charging methods: 0.5 C CC (constant current) charged to 4.25 V, the CV (4.2 V) constant voltage charging again until the charging current 0.05 C or less
The maximum charging current: 1 c
Maximum discharge current: 1 c

Should use:
Mobile power supply, machine learning tablet, car navigation, MP3, card speaker, wireless mouse, display the PSP phone millet built-in battery power surrounding the , tablet computers, mobile DVD, notebook batteries, wireless monitoring equipment, medical equipment, all kinds of instruments and meters, LED lamps, traffic signs, portable appliances, instruments and meters, all kinds of DIY metal detectors, and other digital types of batteries.

Main features:
1. All kinds of size: type and capacity to choose from, high applicability
2. Quality assurance: using A product batteries, high capacity, low internal resistance
3. The performance is stable, circulation service life is long: continuous charging and discharging after 500 time, battery capacity of less than 80% of the rated capacity.
4. No memory effect, can be used to charge and discharge at any time
5. High safety: built-in protection circuit board, is in short circuit, over charge, discharge, shock, vibration, acupuncture, high temperature, such as fire, explosion, etc.


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