Li-ion Battrery

We own 10 production lines and rich channels, from lithium-ion battery, lithium polymer battery, to lifepo4 battery, We will send you a list of questions in a professional way so that your device can work in great condition at affordable price.

With low MOQ, you can market test your business ideas on the market before they go into mass production. We help you monitor and control your risks. We work in partnership to meet the new market trends for lithium battery.

7 years of OEM/ODM experience with more than 100 customers from USA and most of Europe. We can design the lithium battery packs according to your specifications and we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you if you feel important.

We will arrange shipping and all safety and customs documents for you, all free of charge, Doc including MSDS, UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, we get lower shipping rates like 30% from DHL and UPS.

Quality is the soul of our company, and we only make brand new safe Li-Ion battery cells since our establishment, take time to check our satisfied customers with you.

Passionate 10-member sales team working closely with 6 technicians to provide fast email responses in less than 2 hours or real-time Skype or phone calls. All risks are controlled at the beginning during sample confirmation or when raw material comes.

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